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Banking details

D J van Steenderen
Checkers money transfer - you pay Checkers and get a reference number and pin number which you send me, and I collect the money at a Checkers branch.
CAPITEC: (470010) 1322438364
NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES:  I have at long last been able to get information how you can pay me through Capitec Bank. As courier service to your countries are very expensive, the best way of transport would be through the Post Office, insured mail.  This cost can be obtained by request.  Please read the information below:

Fees: Cash Withdrawal (ATM): R60.00

POS purchase: R8.00
Please ensure that your Card withdrawal and Point of sale limits are sufficient.

Capitec Bank is not licensed by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to make transfers to any other country in the world. Foreign banks can’t transfer money directly to Capitec Bank. Each foreign bank has a Rand (ZAR) Correspondent bank in SA. Processes were put in place to enable transfers from international accounts to their Rand correspondent bank who in turn will make the payment to the specified Capitec Bank account.The sender has to inform their foreign bank to process the payment via their Rand Correspondent bank in South Africa. The correspondent bank in SA will transfer the funds to Capitec Bank.Note: Capitec Bank may not do any currency conversions, funds received in a foreign currency will be converted to Rand (ZAR) by the corresponding bank. The Foreign bank must process the payments to its regular Rand correspondent bank in South Africa and will need the information below to make the payment:
Bank name: CAPITEC BANK•
Bank country: South Africa•SWIFT code for Capitec Bank: CABLZAJJ•Branch code: 470010

  1. Clients Account number: ( Receiver’s Capitec Bank account number)
  2. Client Physical Address: ( Address of the Capitec Bank account holder)
  3. Account with institution ( Field 57A): CABLZAJJ


  1. Our Swift code (CABLZAJJ) must be included in field 57A of the SWIFT message to automate the processing of the payment. If it’s not included, the payment could get lost and the client may incur additional costs because the correspondent bank will need to correct it manually.IBAN number

Some banks may ask for an IBAN number, South African banks do not use IBAN numbers. If the foreign bank insist on an IBAN number we can use the beneficiary’s Capitec Bank account number (e.g. 1234567890) and the Capitec Bank branch code (always 470010) to create a number that can be used as a substitute IBAN could be 1234567890470010.

Time it takes to process an international transfer

International transfers can take anything between 3-7 business days depending on the route of the payment and whether all the information is correctly provided.

The Capitec Bank client who is receiving the funds must ensure that all their contact details on their Capitec Bank account are correct and up to date.

Capitec Bank’s Interbank Forex department must contact the client and I they are unable to get hold of the client within 30 days, the funds must be returned to the sender.

Clients who are expecting international funds and have not received a call from Capitec Bank within 5 days of date of transfer must be referred to Capitec Bank’s Interbank Forex department using the contact details;

  • Tel:+27 21 809 4501
  • +27 86 066 7709


Kind regards

Keenan Van Reenen
Agent: Service Admin
BSC: Service Admin

T +27 21 941 2024 F +27 86 088 8855 M +27 86 088 8838
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